44th MAFF Festival Prime Minister Award Winner [Cocktail Tomato] 8P, Approx. 2.8kg

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Received the Prime Minister Prize at the 44th Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Festival! This is a medium-sized tomato that consists of 7-8 tomatoes like a bunch of grapes. For a cocktail tomato, 2 to 3 are enough for a daily dose of approximately 15 mg of lycopene. It is also rich in glutamic acid, which is said to be a natural seasoning that brings out umami ingredients, and is about three times as much as Momotaro tomato.
* Cocktail tomato is a registered trademark of Green Stage Ohira Co., Ltd. [Trademark Registration Number] 4654447
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Sale period: October 2019-late June 2020 only
Order Deadline [Japan Time]: Every Thursday
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Last order deadline [Japan time]: Thursday, June 18, 2020
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[Producer Introduction] Green Stage Ohira Co., Ltd.
Bees fly inside the 10,000m² glass greenhouse where Cocktail Tomatoes are harvested, and natural hybridization takes place. Natural enemy insects survive by eating pests while, on the other hand, through the use of a Priva computer from the Netherlands which manages temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, solar radiation, fertilizer concentration, moisture etc., this is a fully automated plant factory that utilizes natural light.

● Ingredients: Tomato
● Nutritional information (per 100g)
 ・ Lycopene (mg): 12
 ・ Glutamic acid (mg): 329
● 7 major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut, shrimp, crab): None
● Contents: Approximately 2800g (8 pack)
● Country of origin: Tochigi
● Manufacturer: Green Stage Ohira Co., Ltd.
● How to enjoy: You can enjoy it as it is, as well as salads and stewed dishes.
● Please note:
・ Because cocktail tomatoes are fresh, store them refrigerated after delivery and consume as soon as possible.
・ The delivery area is limited to Singapore and Malaysia only. Please be careful.
・ Product delivery dates may vary depending on the quarantine in the destination country, authorities, and the weather.
・ Please note that we do not accept delivery date specifications.
・ Product weight is only a guide. Please note that the weight may be mixed.
・ Delivery fees and import / export procedure costs vary depending on the country of delivery, so the selling price will vary. Please note.
● Preservation method: Keep refrigerated.
● Best before date (from manufacturing): Consume as soon as possible after delivery.
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